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Troupe #5022

23-24 Drama Club Meeting Dates.png
What is a Thespian?

To be eligible for lifetime Thespian membership, students in grades nine through twelve must attend a school with an active Thespian troupe and complete a sufficient quantity and quality of work in theatre arts. A one-time induction fee is required, and troupes may assess additional participation fees at their discretion. Thespians may earn additional honors for work done after induction. Most Thespian benefits last through grade twelve. Graduated members become Thespian alumni. 

The International Thespian Society is an honor society for theatre arts students; it is not a secret society or club. Thespians may not be inducted based on election or review by other students. The troupe constitution and all membership requirements must be readily available to any interested parties, and all troupe activities are subject to the oversight of the school administration. 

Mehlville Drama Club/USITT


Once a month, Drama Club and USITT has a meeting located in the Drama Center (room 101) usually from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm to play games, hang out with friends, occasionally eat some treats and learn about upcoming events.

All are welcome!

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